The Siege of Eirus

Mission #2

Desperate Assault

The White Scars surround a daemon drop site to prevent the establishment of a permanent beachhead. 

After failing to secure a permanent drop zone, the daemons secured a small bunker on the outskirts of the city to use as a rallying point for their ground forces. The White Scars quickly scrambled to form a perimeter around the outpost but were shattered by vicious bombardments all along their battle lines. The fight for the trenches quickly turned into a chaotic bloodbath with little concern for vital points or overall tactics on either side. A mighty soul grinder was prevented from entering the fray by flanking bikers led by a newly-equipped Captain Khalja, buying precious time so that the greater daemons could be brought down by concentrated fire from marines, dreadnoughts, and nearby drop pods. 

Stalled and flailing, the daemons were soon pushed back by White Scars' vicious defense of their home territory. Though many lives were lost, the brave men were able to slow the spread of chaos long enough for reinforcements to arrive and drive them from the sector.

At last, standing knee-deep in rivers of blood, the marines cheered as Ik'thuz'zar abandoned yet another battlefield, his spite doubling with every passing moment.

Battle Result: Daemon Resignation on Turn 4 [White Scars reinforcements will arrive faster on the next mission.]


DM_Josh DM_Josh

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