The Siege of Eirus

Mission #1


The forces of Chaos make landfall near a remote landing platform on the outskirts of Sohta, attempting to establish a presence on the planet's surface.

After a series of restless nights marked by terrible nightmares, Captain Khalja awoke to find that, to his horror, the worst of his visions seemed to be coming true. Flames from the warp rained down across the landscape. Scouts reported that the daemons were converging on his station. It seemed they had chosen their landing site. Quickly rallying what forces he could, Khalja's men took their posts in time to watch the bizarre hordes and terrifying war machines marching in from the southern horizon.

Just as the bulk of the invading forces came within standard Imperial arms range, a sudden incursion of clawed daemons materialized atop the landing platform and began to eviscerate the base's best-equipped defenders. Meanwhile, Khalja and his trusted ally, Stormseer Sain, took command of the ground forces to try to repel the daemons by fighting a guerilla battle in the surrounding ruins. The daemons quickly toppled the base's defenses, destroying a vital gun emplacement and storming the ruins on all sides.

Just as all hope seemed to be lost, a squadron of warbikes scrambled to action and brought down the terrible Soul Grinder with one well-aimed melta shot. Meanwhile, two dreadnoughts arrived from orbit and purged all the daemons from the western ruins, leaving only a few men alive to hold the valuable tactical positions.

In the end, Captain Khalja and Ik'thuz'zar met face-to-face in a ruined sanctuary to the northeast of the base. The Lord of Change slaughtered Khalja's men and then chased him into a still-smoldering blast crater where he shattered his bones upon the rocks. Rather than ending his life, the powerful daemon left the crippled captain alive to offer a warning: "Eirus will burn. Resistance only prolongs the inevitable. Surrender to the will of the Architect of Fate or meet your doom."

Before he could torment the Captain further, Ik'thuz'zar was forced to take to the skies and flee by seemingly endless volleys of bolter fire from nearby marines. The remaining daemonic forces soon dispersed, leaving the landing facility in disarray and the surrounding ruins filled with the stench of death and twisted traces of warpflame. Neither side could call the battle a true victory, but it was clear that the war for Eirus had only just begun.

Battle Result: Draw (10-10) [No special benefits in next game.]


DM_Josh DM_Josh

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