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Chaos in the Kolarne Circle

Perched on the outskirts of the Maelstrom, a young but vital manufacturing world called Eirus produces blessed machines of war to aid the Imperium in the endless struggle against pirates, renegades, and xenos raiders across the sector. When a massive warp incursion takes the planet by storm, it is up to a small garrison of White Scars Space Marines to hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive and stem the tide of Chaos.

Led by Captain Khalja and his 4th company contingent, Imperial forces scramble to defend the vital city of Sohta from annihilation as hordes of daemons pour down from a Warp rift in the sky. Yet, as showers of warpflame rain down on the planet's surface, Ik'thuz'zar the Void Ripper, a powerful Lord of Change, seems to have something besides annihilation in mind. He hopes to break the wills of the world's most revered heroes, twisting them to the dark purposes of the Architect of Fate.

The battle for Eirus has begun.

Home Page

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